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SGMI was formally founded in 1986, as a result of a generous donation, but because of legal disputes over the bequest the board of trustees could not carry out any important work in accordance with the legacy’s intentions until 2006. The will stipulates that the identity of the donor shall remain secret until 100 years after his or her death. Whilst the identity of the donor and founder thus remains a secret, the main purpose of the donation is expressed with perfect clarity: “SGMI shall, within a long-term perspective, finance and manage clinical intervention projects of the highest standard.” (Please click on the home tab to find a list of projects supported by SGMI which are currently open for enrolment.)

It is also clear from the bequest that a number of staff should be employed by the institute and that a number of Fellows may be enrolled among graduates (MBBS [Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery]) from St George’s Medical School or a “similarly reputable medical school”. Furthermore, the institute is to support the Fellows in their medical career by providing “administrative and technical support”. (Owing to the popularity of the institute’s facilities and to the fact that its main focus is on financing clinical intervention projects there is currently a waiting list for becoming a Fellow.)

The requirement to provide practical support for the Fellows led to the creation of the SGMI Web Portal (launched in 2010), which is both a technical platform for medical research and an IT tool for the administration of grants, seminars, courses, database searches etc. 


A project supported by SGMI may take place in any part of the world but the institute only enters into co-operation with other non-profit and non-politically or –religiously motivated organisations. Not all SGMI projects are made known to the public. SGMI is managed by the Dean, who is also a member of the board of trustees. SGMI is registered in the Isle of Man.

SGMI encourages everyone working in the medical field to submit research proposals

Please write direct to the Dean.     


Prof. John Wilkinson Dean of SGMI

Member of SGMI Board of Trustees

St George’s Medical Institute, Cranmer Terrace, Jenner Wing 3:320, London SW17 0RE

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